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Nickelodeon Comic Carousel at NYCC

This weekend, Nick Mag put on their second-ever Comic Carousel at the New York Comiccon at the Jacob Javits Center.

A shot of the stage taken from the audience.

A shot of the audience taken from the stage.

The show began at 1PM on Sunday, with editor Chris Duffy giving a brief history of Nickelodeon Magazine and showing some of the artists who have done comic covers for us over the years.

Chris introduces fellow editor Dave Roman, who along with artist R. Sikoryak, helped orchestrate the interactive presentation.

Chris welcomes all the cartoonists on the panel by pointing at their cartoon likeness and giving a brief overview of their work.

From left to right: Sam Henderson (cut off!), Karen Sneider, R. Sikoryak, Michael Kupperman, Bill Alger (hiding behind Deep Orange, the advanced Nickelodeon computer), Dave Roman and Chris Duffy.

On the sidelines were Gordon Whiteside and Catherine Tutrone, two of Nick Mag’s designers and lab technicians, keeping everything in working order.

For R. Sikoryak’s piece, “Real FUNNIES Estate,” the audience is asked to figure out which comic strip character is visiting the home of another comic strip character.

A kid volunteer from the audience assists R.Sikoryak by ringing a triangle whenever the audience gets the right answer to the interactive comic.

Cartoonist Karen Sneider also helps by reading the female characters in R.Sikoryak's comic strip. Sam Henderson looks on.

R. Sikoryak congratulates the audience for shouting out all the correct answers!

Two other kids are chosen from the audience to add voices to the pantomime hi-jinks of Sam Henderson’s “Scene But Not Heard.”

A sequence from the comic.

The kids were great and even cracked up each other.

Similar to last year’s experiment at the San Diego Comic Con, we held a competition to see if cartoonists really could be replaced by computers. Taking the challenge were two frequent gag cartoonists, Karen Sneider and Bill Alger, facing off against Deep Orange, a Nickelodeon computer programmed to know "exactly what kids like."

Even with all the research and advanced computer technology, Deep Orange’s sense of what kids find funny always felt a bit off.

Deep Orange along with Bill Alger and Dave Roman reacting to the gags on screen.
The audience was divided into three sections and asked to cheer for either Alger, Karen, or Deep Orange when their name and gag came up on screen. Each section was also appointed a team leader with a musical instrument to rally the crowd.

A Bill Alger gag.

A Karen Sneider gag.

A deep Orange gag.

Deep Orange maintained a great poker face, but resorted to some cheap shots against his opponents. It was obvious that we should not replace human cartoonists any time soon.

For the grand finale, the audience puts on the 3-D glasses handed out by our lab technicians.

The panelists gear up too!

Michael Kupperman uses his mightiest voice to narrate the “Hercules Vs. Zues in 3-D!” Special thanks to Gerald Marks, for helping us adapt the comic from last year’s 3-D issue into a dynamic slideshow presentation! Characters and props were literally leaping into the audience!

In fact it was so popular, Michael Kupperman ran through the story a second time, with each of the panelists taking turns performing voices.

There was still some time left over, so the panelist answered questions from the curious kids in the audience including, “What was the inspiration for Scene But Not Heard;” “Where can we get more Karen Sneider comics?” and “Is the French comic 'Martin Mystery' based off of Chris Duffy?”

Thanks to everyone who came to the event! And extra thanks to everyone who helped participate and make it so much fun. Hopefully we'll get to do it at another convention in the near future.

Get it?

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