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Comics from Nick Mag's comics section were honored in the Houghton Mifflin
Best American Comics 2006 anthology, edited by Anne Elizabeth Moore and
Harvey Pekar. The five "winning" comics from Nick Mag are listed in the back
of the collection and not actually shown (aw!) so here they are.

Viking Crush by Dan Abdo
This one by Nick Mag regular Abdo got us a few phone calls, but it was worth

For added interest, this version shows two panels we asked Dan to redraw in
black and white. We can't even SHOW you the panels they replaced. (Actually,
it's not that bad, but it's more intriguing this way.

Yam by Corey Barba
Yam's an on-and-off Nick Mag regular. Corey Barba is just on and off! (We

4D by Kim Deitch
This dynamic Deitch comic originally ran in our 3D issue from 2005, where it
had a yellow fill and you got a free pair of 3D glasses. If you have 3D
glasses handy, check it out. With or without it's quality Deitch work.

The Idiom-tastic Animal Detectives
One of our personal favorite Nick Mag one offs EVER! Travis Nichols lives in
Austin and is funny.

Telephone by Kurt Wolfgang
Kurt's done a couple of comics for us, including this one and some witty
marginals...wish he'd do more!

Believe it or not, we're showing you Kurt's sketch for the winning comic
(story and content wise it didn't change at all in the final). If it was by
anyone else, you'd probably swear this WAS the final version. He's that
good, ladies and gents.

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