nickmag_comics (nickmag_comics) wrote,

Time for more 3-D comics!

The June 2009 issue of Nick Mag features another amazing and surreal 3-D comics section! These things have become the stuff of legend.

If you have some 3-D glasses lying around (like from last years issue per chance?) check out the killer 3-D on these previews!

Comic cover by Laura Park

The REAL story of Humpty Dumpty

There is also 3-D stuff by Brian Ralph, Andy Ristaino, Martin Cendreda, Jef Czekaj, Jen Sorensen, Terry Laban and Marc Hempel. A 3-D SpongeBob story by Jay Lender and a interactive "red reveal" comic by Karen Sneider!

You have to see them in person!
Tags: 3-d, comics

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