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Kids' Comic Con [Apr. 24th, 2009|11:10 am]


Tomorrow (Saturday April 24th) is the Kids' Comic Con at the Bronx Community College in NY. It is free to anyone 17 or younger (over-17s, it's only $5 for you to get in). Look for the flyers around campus to lead you to the event!

There will be lots of great guests, panels and drawing workshops including...

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM: Youth Workshop D – Creating Comic Characters and Art With Style.
Dave Roman (Nickelodeon Magazine) and Raina Telgemeier (Baby-sitters Club) lead a drawing workshop that focuses on how the comics we grow up reading can affect how each of us draws. They'll help young artists break down drawings into basic shapes and use them to create fun new characters!

[User Picture]From: beechan2
2009-04-25 02:52 am (UTC)
Aw MAN! I wish I had know! I love Raina's BSC comics! Oh well ;~;.

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