November 13th, 2008


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You may be interested to know that we will be running all new Avatar comics in the Nick Mag Comics Club. The first story appears in the December issue, which is on newsstands now.

What is the Nickelodeon Comics Club? Basically it's a subscription to what are referred to as the "special issues" of Nickelodeon Magazine. These include the All-Avatar magazines we did, and the ones that are all-Spongebob, "best of" collections. Nick Magazine has been doing these issues for years, but they never had an official name to tie them all together. Often they were referred to "Nick Mag Presents..." But now they are officially referred to as the Nickelodeon Comics Club.

Usually they have SpongeBob on the cover but there's ALWAYS some extra surprises as well. The December issue will feature a brand new Avatar comic and that will be just the FIRST of a bunch of new Avatar comics we plan to run in the Nick Mag Comics Club!

What can I say about these new Avatar comics? That they will be made with LOVE! Everyone involved was either a part of the show, or a HUGE NERD for the show like myself. :)
So we all consider it a huge responsibility to tell stories that are true to the spirit of the show we love! And I hope we hear from the fans to know what they think!

And we will archive many of the comic on our fancy new comics website: