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new dvd mini comics! [Sep. 28th, 2007|02:30 pm]
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Here's a sneak peek at the new mini-comics we are producing for the Season 3 {Book 3: Fire} individual DVD disks of Avatar: the Last Airbender.

The 4-part story will be written by Josh Hamilton (awesome writer from the show and contributor to several other classic Avatar comics) and illustrated by Johane Matte (known in some circles as Rufftoon, frequent contributor to the Flight comics anthologies, creator of Horus, HP Fanbook, and more!) Cover art by Seung Hyun Oh (a supervising director on the show!)

Oh, Sokka! What is it with you and shopping? ;)

Just like last season's DVD mini comics drawn by Justin Ridge, these mini-comics are limited only to the individual disks and not the box sets. So they are SUPER-collectible!

The first disk comes out in late October but you can pre-order via Amazon.com

[User Picture]From: crypticpress
2007-09-28 08:17 pm (UTC)
Gah! I still need to get the new Avatar magazine, the season 2 collection (just for that 5th bonus disc!) and now this!

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[User Picture]From: zaddy
2007-09-28 09:10 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: lordrexfear
2007-09-28 09:20 pm (UTC)
Wait... the comics from the individuals aren't in the Big Box set?!!?!

Damn it... any chance of Nickelodeon press collecting it at some point then, just seems silly to make a comic book only available in DVD individual sets.
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[User Picture]From: yaytime
2007-09-28 10:32 pm (UTC)
It's not silly if that's the whole reason we were hired to make them.
As a collectible that only the people who by the indivual disks get often referred to as an "incentive".
They know the older fans will wait for the boxed set. So this extra love for the kids who don't wait and buy earlier versions.
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[User Picture]From: yaytime
2007-09-28 10:33 pm (UTC)
And currently there are no plans to reprint them.
Perhaps someday if there is a enough demand.
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[User Picture]From: engelen
2007-09-29 04:59 pm (UTC)
; ^;
why must you do this to us?!

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From: (Anonymous)
2008-01-10 10:10 pm (UTC)

Thats great that they finally got the first one out i love Avatar it hardly comes on nickolodian any more why but like always love you Nick Mag Buddy
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-04-22 09:43 pm (UTC)
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