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Every issue of Nickelodeon Magazine is chock-full of cool spot illustration by a diverse range of amazing illustrators. So when we do an art themed issue we go the extra mile to BRING IT.

Here's a sampling of the cool stuff you'll find in September Nick Mag (outside of the comic book section we usually go on and on about!)

Riffs on the Mono Lisa by: Sara Varon, Johnny Ryan, John Kerschbaum, Greg Clarke, David Sheldon, James Kochalka, Hal Mayforth, JEf Czekaj, Calef Brown, GAry Clement, Sam Henderson.

Page folios by Kim Deitch!

Another thing that Nick Mag should get props for is how every issue has a completely unique masthead (the page with the credits for everyone who works on staff). Designer Tim Jones, puts more effort into creating amazing mastheads than other people put in their whole magazine. This months Picasso style jamboree was created by animator/cartooning phenom, Sherm Cohen!
Tags: art, deitch, sherm cohen

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